Monday, May 02, 2016

Art Post: Bikes, Babes and Bros

Long time no post, so here's an art dump entry.

Since i like motorcycles, naturally i start doodling them too. A couple'o cheesecake pieces featuring babes and bikes:


...vs SQUID, natch.

A li'l something i call 'Che Guevera jumping the Machu Picchu'

Since i read comics, 'course i like Ghost Rider...

Danny Ketch for y'all 90's GR fans.

"He's comin' thru your town with his head on fire!"


My brothers are into bikes too, so on occasions i draw 'em a li'l somethin'-somethin':

Note the 'FLY MILK' helmet. My bros and i loves us some Dr. Slump.