Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gotta be the shoes

So the 2016 NBA Finals just wrapped up and it got me thinking about all the basketball shoes i've worn. Check it:

I've had Nikes before this, but the Jordan 6 was the 1st signature sneakers i bought. It was 92 and the Bulls just won their 2nd championship and Michael Jordan was HUGE and was my reason to pick up a basketball at the late age of 16. I even cut out black socks and wore em on my left elbow and right shin like Michael's warmers, LOL.

Next year the Huarache debuted which featured inner sock thingies and the Jordan 7 had 'em too. Also, there was a special edition on account of the Barcelona Olympics with Michael's number 9 from the Dream Team.

I chilled it with basketball during my early college years - was into the underground music and i was rocking Puma Clyde's - but i 'borrowed' these Jordan 8 from my brother. This was about the time Space Jam came out.

Couple'o years later Jordan Brand started issuing Retro's and i copped Retro 5's when they came out. These were actually before my time and always wanted to have 'em on account of Rokawa Kaede from Slam Dunk comic wearing 'em.

I wasn't into the AJs that came out after he retired, but i did get these 18's as a present from wifey. These were simple and less way out there compared to the recent ones that came out then.

Most recently i got these AJ 11's (finally! even if they're lows) from last year trip to NY. I actually had a pair of black AJ 11 when they came out but were stolen after only a few times wearing 'em so it nice to finally re-own a pair.

Besides Jordan i've worn a couple'o other kicks too. The Pippen 2 is easily my fave design, even amongst the AJ's. They were a bit uncomfortable tho' on account of narrowness and i have feet that are wide up front.

I also owned these t-bug flight's too - not a signature shoe but they were repped by Tim Hardaway around the time when those Nike's Fun Police ads came out. It utilizes the monkey paw structural elements, kinda like Payton's the Glove shoes. These were easily the most comfortable and lightweight shoes i've used on the court.

The Hyperflight was worn by another fave player - Jason Williams - and this is the shoe i wore for the longest time. I initially bought the grey/silver ones and later after it got worn down i replaced it with blacks. These had very nice grip and the thin soles made them feel very stable/grounded.

The only non-Nike shoe i wore on the court, the Stack 2 came out and at the time i felt Nike's were too common/played out. Definitely didn't feel as good as Nike - although the soles were more lasting - but i like the minimalist design when a lot of the shoes that were coming out at the time were kinda out there/had a lot of stuff going on visually.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus, G1 Beastbox & Squawktalk

It's been a long drought for me collecting-wise but i finally mustered up some enthusiasm to pick up some robits.


This figure is based on IDW's MTMTE comics. We've had good figures of Magnus before in previous lines (like the leader scaled TFA version) but this is the 1st one (besides the MP line, which is more collector orientated) since the 6" Titanium version where we get a self contained Magnus figure - he's alt mode is a car carrier like in G1, but unlike G1, the whole cab and trailer transforms into a single/main robot (as opposed to the trailer forming the body armor for the smaller cab robot).

There's still a robot within a robot gimmick though - the plot twist with Magnus in MTMTE (spoilers!) is that Magnus is just an outer shell for a smaller robot - Minimus Ambus. So while the G1 version allows the cab robot to be independent sans outer shell, the CW version has the cab integrated with the trailer and Ambus fits into Magnus like the torso was a cockpit. Its actually a cool gimmick - although you have to take out Ambus for Magnus to transform into car carrier (which defeats the purpose of Ambus hiding his identity like in the comics). But who cares? Smaller robits piloting bigger robits will always be cool.


Galvatron sounds like he could use a Snickers bar.

A homage to the UK comics Target: 2006 storyline. Some really great old-school Furman action sequences and fantastic art by Geoff Senior.


G1 is currently low in priority in my catch up list (i'm behind on both CW and MP, plus i already have quite a few of cassettebots, thanks to the reissues), but i made exception to this pair because ROBOT MONKEY! Beastbox and Squawktalk combine to form humanoid robit Squawkbox, BUT WHO CARES?!! Robots are awesome, monkeys are awesome, which makes Beastbox double-y awesome.

(Sorry, Squawktalk. You're not even the best bird robit.)