Saturday, July 02, 2016

Combiner Wars Sky Lynx

Finally found the toy i most anticipated from Combiner Wars: Sky Lynx.

This is the 1st time we're getting a new version of him since the original G1, and the primary robot - he's supposed to be a dragon? IDK lol - and vehicle mode seems faithful to the original, at a glance. But unlike the G1, this version can't split the shuttle/transporter components - thus losing his lynx form - instead Sky Lynx gets to be a combiner torso (the gestalt form is named Sky Reign, which is pretty cool actually) with the gestalt form having a lynx head.

The vehicle mode is pretty good considering other combiner leaders in the line, like Onslaught and Scattershot. But its in robot mode that this mold really shines. Besides its unique non-humanoid form, its well articulated from head to tail and the wing missiles double either as wing or tail extensions. The best thing you can say about a toy is that it just has personality - Sky Lynx has it in spades - fun to fiddle with and hard to put down.

Bonus! Here's my lynx fanmode. To be honest he's really just missing a few joints/articulation here and there to make this mode legit.

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The Rebel said...

I've been avoiding to pick this one up like the plague. I don't know...something is stopping me. Could it be the fact that you can't really split Sky Lynx into you had gleefully mention?