Thursday, August 04, 2016

Autobots...Come Out and Play!

Awhile back i posted some pics of robits in outdoor settings. Dug up my photobucket account and found a couple more:

THS series by Takara is a good example of Takara's wonky marketing department decision making before they were taken over by Tomy. It's literally a tweener sub-line that tried to bridge the complex and detailed high end stuff with the mass market stuff. Sub-lines are usually short lived (the line didn't make it to a THS-03) and end up as novelty item/curiosities that don't really contribute much to the brand overall.

The THS-02 G1 convoy is still a fun piece tho, albeit too fiddly. MP convoy with trailer hadn't been released at this point so the trailer was a big selling point. But thanks to its compact size it makes a great display piece as a desk toy.

The Getter Robo is from when they started making Revoltechs. I know diddly squat about the source material, but i thought it looked cool and just wanted a reason to mess with Revoltechs.

These are RID spychangers, repackaged as dollar store/KB toys exclusives. Got suckered to buy these on account of G1 accurate colors, good job Hasbro.

Snarl was the 1st in the series of non-official WST dinobots by Justistoys. His dino-buddies hadn't been release yet at this point, so he's feeling a little bit lonely.

More recently Hasbro Malaysia's Transformers FB page held a toy photography contest. Transformers 4 had just came out then, which featured Drift as a samurai robit. And i thought it'd be apt to shoot him fighting another samurai robit: ROTF's bludgeon.

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