Thursday, August 04, 2016

KO Cassettebots

While knockoffs/bootlegs/repros are generally frowned upon, there's been instances where they become interesting items due to novelty. Back when reissues were all the rage and China repros were floating in the secondary market, I picked up a couple'o stuff that caught my eye.

I picked this up through Singapore's Yahoo! Auctions (it was shut down years back, that's how long ago this was). Singapore's collectible toys market was thriving and this popped up as i was searching for cassettebots - keep in mind that while Soundwave and Buzzsaw reissues were available at the time, Rumble/Frenzy hadn't been reissued yet. It's actually a knockoff of the Microchange version, so while it's not an original, it's still a vintage.

It came in a box as opposed to carded, complete with inner tray. Both box and tray seemed appropriately aged, which is a good indicator its genuine.

Funny enough, knockoff manufacturers decided to keep things interesting by producing clear plastic versions of G1 molds, thus clearly marking them as fakes (although this trend itself owes to Takara, who produced a number of clear plastic version of G1 reissues as exclusives). They came in both clear and clear colored/tinted versions.


Mohammed Suhaimi Alfitri Baharuddin said...

So you bought a genuine Knock Off Transformer?

K.A. said...

Haha. Yes, you could say i bought Original Bootlegged TFs.