Wednesday, August 03, 2016

More Than Meets The Eyedropper Tool

Being a designer...well, design-based professional anyway, I have cultivated many designer powers (including but not limited to producing scale drawings, modelling in CAD and the ability to bullshit the client). But the most useful power, which lends itself to being a collector is my mastery of Photoshop!

Besides helping me to color my fanart (see art posts) and adjust toy pics (to improve lighting, colors and contrast, etc.) you can use Photoshop to generate composite pics. And in the immortal words of my wise Uncle Ben - God bless his soul - WITH GREAT PHOTOSHOP POWERS COME GREAT PHOTO MANIPULATIONS.

Here's something I did for an online contest, hosted by TFW2005 and BBTS:

I actually won 1st prize - a USD100 gift voucher to shop at BBTS - which I used to buy Diamond Comics' Soundwave and his minions diorama (see past post).

Background cobbled from random images from the internet, natch, but the toys are all individually photographed. I did a composite sketch before choosing which toys that was included, what mode they'd be in and what angle i'd shoot 'em - a lot of pre-planning, actually. And once all the pics were taken I'd arrange em in layers, add in highlights, shadows and effects. The look i was going for was the old back of the G1 box battle scenes. And i guess the judges liked that shit, too.

This was done for fun, when Classics came out. I used similar technique/style to the G1 battle scene pic and meant to fill it out with more characters as they were released but never got around to it. The remaining Classic figures that never made it into the montage suffered their ignominy of being left out by residing in the I-ran-out-of-shelf-space bowl.

Most of times the forces of good graphic skills and taste prevail. But sometimes...sometimes the dark side beckons and you make a slip in judgement and end up using your Photoshop powers for EVIL! And stuff like this happens:

name: lumberjack
allegiance: autobot
function: lumberjack, duh.
motto: lumber is the right of all sentient beings.

lumberjack is a distant cousin of giant planet's metroplex. a juggernaut of a 'bot, he is armed with his big ass chainsaw, "barkmuncher".

cast down to earth eons ago, he was raised by ancient mystic lumberjacks, hence his fondness for plaid and denim. after being discovered by the autobots in their search for the planet key, they naturally appointed lumberjack as guardian of earth's forest.

while conflicted by his primal urge to actually cut down the forests instead, lumberjack has vowed to protect the earth's forest from decepticon threat, except on wednesday's, for shopping, and have buttered scones for tea.

lumberjack's redeco is not limited to paint apps.

lumberjack is the only transformer with a grizzly beard.

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