Sunday, September 18, 2016

CELEBRICKTION at Bangsar Village (Part 1)

LOM (LUG Of Malaysia) does it again, with the CELEBRICKTION installation at Bangsar Village. In conjunction with Malaysia's 59th year of independence, LOM commemorates the event with a Malaysian-themed group build. Some of these have been displayed in previous exhibitions, but this is the 1st time they've done an event focused on heritage styled buildings.

I'm spreading the event though 3 posts, due to the number of pics. This 1st post will focus on the shophouse typology, which is the most prominent archetype of buildings that formed early towns in pre-independence Malaysia (then called Malaya). The architectural influences are eclectic, ranging from neo classical to art deco to british colonial, and considering Straits Settlement towns (Penang, Melaka and Singapore) had a high population of Chinese, the designs featured oriental influences, along with characteristics that make it unique to the tropical climate.

This build stands out not only for the early modernist style, but also the little rooftop prayer house - a tradition the chinese practice for good fortune.

While the main diorama is modular scale, this set of builds is at a sightly smaller scale...

...while these are at a large scale - to accommodate even more intricate detailing and decorative features.

Quite a few of the builds included interior detailing. Unfortunately the diorama is arranged in an island with builds facing all 4 sides, so views to the interiors were limited.

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