Sunday, September 04, 2016

Lego 6970 Beta 1 Command Base

Last year i bought set 918 one man space ship, the lone space set i had as a kid. Recently i had a vintage itch to scratch so i decide to get another space classic - set 6970 command base.

While i had a number of town playsets as a kid, i never owned a space playset, so it was cool to finally get the lunar base plate - always wanted these as a kid. After completing the build 1st thing that stands out is how playable the set is. While the actual building itself is relatively small (when you compare to the likes of police/fire station) - about the size of a medium lego town house - the set comes with a small craft, a buggy and a monorail. So that's a lot of activity spread over 2 base plates for the 4 lego spacemen the set comes with.

The building is nicely detailed with multiple radar dishes on the outside and several furniture pieces on the inside - the large wall panel with interior graphics in particular is cool. The set comes with some special pieces, like the antennae and the flag staff. You also get a bunch of tools for the minifigures, which includes walkie talkie, wrench, gun and cup.

Next up would be the 920 rocket base and 924 transporter - i find the 928 explorer, while cool, a bit too humongous - and that should round up my classic space collection nicely.

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