Thursday, September 29, 2016

Titans Return Wave 1 Voyagers & Legends Class

The rest of wave 1 finally turned up at the local TRU, so besides Fort Max, i'm practically caught up with Titan Returns until they release wave 3.

(It's been a super expensive month and a testament of how much i'm enjoying the Titan Returns line. I've bought more robits in September alone compared to rest of the past 12 months.)


Galvatron is the figure i was looking forward to the most from this batch, the other being Wheelie. We've had decent incarnations of Wheelie in the past, whereas this is the 1st time we're getting a proper SPACE CANNON version of Galvatron - plus he's a unique mold, as opposed to a Megatron remold/repaint. Despite not scaled to leader class Optimus i think he's a nice size and his colors are great. I don't care for the 3rd mode (a dodgy looking spacecraft that look like a made up fanmode) but the toy's headmaster gimmick is flawed. The 'crown' flips from the torso compartment but results in a gap between the headmaster and the crown and the spring loaded mechanism limits the neck rotation. Its a nice idea but alas spoiled by poor implementation.


I went back and forth deciding between Sentinel and Astrotrain, but reading good feedback on the former helped me decide. In hand, the choice should have been clear: its the 1st time we're getting an incarnation of the character despite him being long and well established as Optimus' predecessor. Also, the 'train' mode is much more believable as a gunship, which is a score against Space Choo Choo. Sentinel also gets plus point for a cool head sculpt and his color scheme works great in flight mode, recalling the Autobots default color scheme for their space shuttles. Sentinel in shuttle mode is good enough to be pass off as The Ark.


If TR Blurr is in contention for best deluxe ever, Wheelie here is up for best legends class. He looks great in both modes and even has a working cockpit for titan masters. He does have quality issues though - on some of the toys the tabs that connect the arm to the waist in car mode fits poorly, which ends in the car mode not being properly secure. Easy fix with some box cutter to shave off excess plastic though.

Rewind is actually pretty good albeit a bit boring. Serviceable tank mode but more fun when you have Blaster to interact with - like in G1 Rewind fits in Blasters deck compartment.


I actually bought Clobber - the Autobot repaint of this mold - ahead of Crashbash, but prefer the latter's color scheme as the definitive character to represent this mold. And as a dragon he makes a good pair with Apeface from wave 2, a nice recall to G1 Apeface and Snapdragon.

Loudmouth is based on G1 Siren and i just bought him to get another Autobot Titan Master. I bought it mostly because i like the hovercar design - i'm pretty sure its based on something else but i can't quite put my finger on it...

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