Saturday, September 17, 2016

Titans Return: Wave 1 Deluxes

These guys finally showed up:


I was looking foward to Skullcruncher the most so its not surprising find him underwhelming. His robot mode looks good but the figure is failed by the legs - the hip joints are super loose and the feet design aren't good for posing. Still, the alt mode is fun to mess with - we don't get a lot of gator beast modes - and his colors are fantastic.

Scourge is solid if unspectacular. Good looking bot mode that's faithful to G1, monotonous colors that aren't as bad wave-mate Blurr (more on him later), very decent flying soap bar alt mode (although the leg panels that stick out from the undercarriage is just lazy design). His 'you want me to gut Ultra Magnus' fanmode - where you can stick the headmaster in head mode on top of the cockpit - alone is worth the price of admission.


I'm THIS CLOSE to anointing Blurr as best deluxe ever...and to think all he needed was just a few paint apps here and there to break up the all blue color scheme. I even forgive the shoulder boosters cheat - the actual boosters for the alt mode is part of the lower legs. But this is a very good looking figure in both bot and alt mode, pretty much a perfect (almost) update to the G1 design. The mechanism for the cockpit canopy deserves a special mention - simple yet ingenious.

Hardhead was the figure i least look forward to for this wave, so i was pleasantly surprised to find he's very well done. His colors are the best in terms of execution - just look at the nice details that go into his, uh, belt. He works well in either mode and his BFG is arguably the best accessory from this wave. I may not care much for the character but i'd be hardpressed to find fault in this figure.

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