Monday, September 05, 2016

Transformers Titan Masters Wave 2

Titan Returns toys are out!

I've been slow to catch up with Combiner Wars but i'm pretty hyped on these new head robits. Its been awhile since i bought TF's by the wave so let's see if these guys live up to the hype.

(The TRU's here skipped wave 1 and went straight to wave 2 for whatever reason. Can't believe i feel i'm missing out on a Wheelie toy.)


PM Op! I never had Powermaster Prime as a kid, and while i thought the toy was dumb, PMOP got quite a bit of screen, uh, panel time in the US comics. And anytime Hasbro has tried to make a toy Optimus where the trailer is part of the robot mode has always been hit and miss. I'm glad to report that this is a definitive hit (not surprising 'cuz its basically a heavy remold of CW Magnus, which was well received). STILL. It's Optimus, it's G1 and he combines with his trailer. TAKE MY MONEY, HASBRO.

While opinions on Prime may vary, Hasbro knocked it out of the park with Blaster. He's big, nicely proportioned/articulated and he's got his boombox alt mode. Get yourself a Goldbug toy and Blaster can start beefing with MP Grimlock - which, by the way, is Bob Budiansky's best contribution to the TF lore.


The scale caught me off guard initially, i thought the voyager scale worked pretty well with Generations Brainstorm.

Highbrow's transformation is for the most part straightforward. But the simplicity works on account of the nicely proportioned robot mode and helicopter robits are always cool.

They could've easily mailed it in with Chromey - considering the glut of Autobot cars - but the transformation scheme is pretty slick, in particular how the canopy is formed from 2 halves while retaining a working cockpit.


I was really looking forward to Skullcruncher but even missing him, beast robits will never let you down.

Weirdwolf is prolly the best deluxe in this wave. Looks great in both modes and you can see Hasbro really put effort into this mold - the wolf head consist of separate solid/translucent parts with the eyes and teeth in clear red plastic. Outstanding.

Mindwipe is pretty good too but i'm not big on the rubbery plastic bits. The bat mode is a bit finicky but the design of the wings makes for good playability - its poseable enough so the wings can wrap itself around the figure, just like regular bats do to creep you the fuck out.


These are mini vehicles that transform between alt modes and gun modes to work with the larger figures as accessories. The headmaster minifigures can be combined with larger figures, if your into the whole swapping heads thing.

Apeface transform into a gorilla, with the titan master riding on his back. That's all you need to know.

Skytread is based on G1 Flywheels, apparently, and both tank and jet modes are present here.

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