Saturday, October 22, 2016

CRAB BROS (Oh yeah, and Titan Returns Brainstorm and Lego Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure book)

(Bisk is technically a lobster-bot, but CRAB BROS is catchier than CLAW BROS)


The alternative title for this post was 'Don't talk to me and my protoform ever again' but i digress.

I considered buying Legends Clampdown previously - he just looked too goofy to pass up - but finding Deluxe Bisk sealed it: these crustacean based designs are just unique and fun to mess with. I'll be picking up Legends Bisk when i find it in store - here's hoping Hasbro eventually releases a Clampdown in deluxe class.


I initially thought about passing up Deluxe Brainstorm, being content with the voyager class version from Combiner Wars. But the Blurr mold proved to be too good to pass - even as a remold/repaint - and i'm rewarded with whats actually a better toy than Blurr. He's got more deco, nicer colors - the paint on the nosecone piece is deep and lush - even the open cockpit is forgiveable because the mold makes for a decent (subsonic) jet.


I've been looking forward to this book on account of the set it comes with: i've yet to own any version of the Y-Wing, either as lego set or regular toy vehicle. As it stands it makes a great addition to my collection of mini vehicles but the book itself is a fun read too. The story features the Y-Wing pilot as he interacts with different SW character and settings- from Tatooine, to Hoth, to Cloud City and moon of Endor - while making suggestions and providing instructions for MOCs. I love books like these because they remind you that Star Wars is essentially for kids and the young at heart.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Star Wars Action Fleet Retrospective

I got into collecting - serious collecting - around 2002, when Attack of The Clones came out. I picked up an issue of Toyfare, with a feature on 'The Best 25 Star Wars Toys' and between 2002 and 2005 i was heavy into Star Wars (before i changed my focus to TF's). Of course i bought the 3-3/4's but the highlight of my SW collection is the Action Fleet series by Galoob (same people who produced Micro Machines).

I bought maybe 2 or 3 vehicles during the Special Edition run in the 90's - that's when these were 1st released - but when i discovered the collector market i started tracking down the ones that i never seen before at retail. Some i bought at local collector shops like Treasure Island at Starhill (way back before it closed and made way for Graffiti Toys/GT Toys) and some others were bought through Yahoo Singapore Auctions (early 00's, no access to Ebay then).

The Action Fleet series is great for display. They;re model scaled and a bunch of em will actually fit into your shelves and they aren't as dinky the Micro Collection series - which is die cast cars scaled. Plus, they come with little minifigures than you can fit in the cockpit and include some action features.

Thats the Nostromo's escape shuttle from Alien by the way, my biggest regret was not buying the APC and Dropship when i saw them at Comics Corner in the early 00's.

When the prequels came around, some of them were re-released by Hasbro - Galoob was defunct by then - but sans the minifigures. They also produced new molds based on the prequel vehicles like the republic gunship, assault ship and AT-TE; Dooku's solar sailer.

I also have some micro playsets from The Phantom Menace - Naboo's Royal Starship and Theed Palace Hangar where Obi Wan, Qui Gon and Darth Maul have their lightsaber fight. These are actually kinda fun with gimmicks that simulate action from the movie.

I've also bought the occasional SW Miniatures set - like the SSD Executor and Rebellion's Home One. They're larger than the standard playing pieces, nicely detailed in both sculpt and paint apps.

I've also found the Star Wars Transformers crossover series to be compatible with Action Fleet in terms of scale. And it helps me to fill in me some gaps in my collection - like Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator.

Something else the SWTF series provide is playability and fun factor. SWTF Death Star and Millennium Falcon feature lights, sound effects and sound clips from the movie.

The Action Fleet series under Hasbro didn't last beyond AotC, so SWTF series also gave us more vehicles from the prequel like Yoda's republic shuttle and Turbo Tank.

I practically stopped buying SW toys for awhile, until the day i discovered Lego SW Planet Series, which feature mini vehicles. It gave me an excuse again to buy SW toys and in fact, kicked off my Lego habit a few years back.