Saturday, October 22, 2016

CRAB BROS (Oh yeah, and Titan Returns Brainstorm and Lego Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure book)

(Bisk is technically a lobster-bot, but CRAB BROS is catchier than CLAW BROS)


The alternative title for this post was 'Don't talk to me and my protoform ever again' but i digress.

I considered buying Legends Clampdown previously - he just looked too goofy to pass up - but finding Deluxe Bisk sealed it: these crustacean based designs are just unique and fun to mess with. I'll be picking up Legends Bisk when i find it in store - here's hoping Hasbro eventually releases a Clampdown in deluxe class.


I initially thought about passing up Deluxe Brainstorm, being content with the voyager class version from Combiner Wars. But the Blurr mold proved to be too good to pass - even as a remold/repaint - and i'm rewarded with whats actually a better toy than Blurr. He's got more deco, nicer colors - the paint on the nosecone piece is deep and lush - even the open cockpit is forgiveable because the mold makes for a decent (subsonic) jet.


I've been looking forward to this book on account of the set it comes with: i've yet to own any version of the Y-Wing, either as lego set or regular toy vehicle. As it stands it makes a great addition to my collection of mini vehicles but the book itself is a fun read too. The story features the Y-Wing pilot as he interacts with different SW character and settings- from Tatooine, to Hoth, to Cloud City and moon of Endor - while making suggestions and providing instructions for MOCs. I love books like these because they remind you that Star Wars is essentially for kids and the young at heart.

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