Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lego Star Wars Microfighters 2017

1st pick ups for the new year! 2017 lego sets are out (the Lego Batman stuff looks GREAT) and i only recently caught Rogue One (i've a review up at my Deviantart/Tumblr account) so here's a look at the new Star Wars Lego Microfighters:


With Rogue One being set immediately before A New Hope, the moviemakers had a task in making the movie look 'period accurate' so to speak, but at the same time add in new stuff that would keep things fresh. And i think they did a commendable job with these new design.

The U-Wing as depicted in Rogue One is Cassian and K2S0's ship, who's missions are more clandestine in nature - although in the final battle the U-Wing was also part of the attack fleet.


Krennic's shuttle is the 1st spaceship we get to see up close in Rogue One, as Krennic and his death troopers arrive at Galen's doorstep. I suppose the original imperial shuttles like the Tydirium is meant for higher ranking Imperial Officers (or it could be because Krennix's project is highly classified and his shuttle is for stealth purposes). The all black design and lack of nosecone also recall's Kylo Ren's shuttle from The Force Awakens - although both movies are on separate ends of the Original Trilogy.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Nintendo's Mini Famicom

I don't consider myself a gamer per se, but if you were a kid growing up in the 80's you practically grew up with the development of computer games. As a kid we played the Atari, then the NES, then Sega Genesis. When Pentium chips came out for the PC the game makers took advantage of processor speed and fast video cards to make 3D games - although i was more of a point and click adventure game guy. I never got into modern consoles like the PS and XBOX so i missed that movement - but when they announced mini version of the old 8 bit NES i was pretty hyped. I couldn't get my hands on the US version, so i got the next best thing:

Actually, the ones i played as a kid were based on the Japanese version (Micro Genius!) so i dig the mini Famicom's look. The game choices are different than the US though but to complain would just be nitpicking - the essentials, the ones i played as a kid are all there: Super Mario, Ice Climber, Excitebike, Super Contra, and Double Dragon.

Nothing like Ice Climber to build the ol' sibling rivalry. My kids also like Kirby's Adventure. And while my 9 year old likes playing SMB3 solo, my 5 year old likes to play with Contra and Double Dragon with me.

My fave is Galaga, which i never really played as kid.

I also recently bought a Macbook recently and started playing Beneath A Steel Sky on it. I missed out on it when it came out and reminds me of everything i love about the point and click adventure games Lucasarts used to make. But that's another post for another day.