Monday, February 20, 2017

"I'm the Ninja Consultant..."

Local stores very slow in stocking following releases after the initial wave; finally something new - here's Titan Masters Sixshot.

Sixshot wasn't a prominent character in G1 media. We didn't see him in the comics and saw little of him in the cartoon (unless you count the japanese series). But it doesn't matter. He has six friggin' modes. SIX! When Hasbro execs brainstormed multiple changer toys, they basically asked themselves, how do we top triple changers? Somebody said, how about FOUR? And they thought, HMM... and then another guy says, OKAY, how about FIVE? And they go, EHH, i don't know... and then finally somebody says, FINE! How about SIX??? And everybody's heads exploded.

Initial pics made the robot mode look underwhelming - he looked TOO similar to the original (fucking unbelievable, right?), but in hand he looks good. Actually no, he looks GREAT. Solid articulation - lacking only a waist joint - and the colors, like the original, was always a visually great combination. Practically no complaints here; the alt modes on the other hand...

The winged wolf mode is...serviceable. It's basically just the robot mode with the lower legs flipped forward. I think the elongated head looks awkward, the overall proportions aren't great. But i'm partial to beast modes and i still find this mode fun.

I rate the tank mode as serviceable too. Nothing particularly bad about it, but i don't like the fact the arms and legs don't actually tab to anything in this mode. But plus point for for having a fully enclosed cockpit for the Titan Master.

Car mode i think is the most solid of the lot, figuratively and literally. Arms tab proper to the body and everything locks up. Its obviously not the most convincing car mode, so think of it in terms of Batman's Tumbler. Exposed cockpit? No problem - its a drop top.

Jet mode is okay if fake cockpit is your thing. The Titan Master can be stored in the chest compartment in this mode. Similar complaint on the arms, they just kinda hang there - so you better hope you luck out with ones that aren't floppy. Otherwise, its nice, big and swooshable.

Submarine mode! Which you hold in your hand...and make pew! pew! decent. Similar issue with jet mode (non-locking arms) and unlike the G1 toy the wing tips do not tab to hold the, uh, submarine handle in place. But the wolf's moveable jaw comes into play and work here as the, uh, submarine's trigger for when you go pew! pew! like you would when playing with toy submarines.

Sixshot has some flaws if you're nitpicking, but he's otherwise a great looking and fun toy because he has:

Not ONE,
Not TWO,

And the death of those Hasbro execs years ago has been well worth the sacrifice. In memory of our fallen corporate providers - a moment of silence.