Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Titans Return Hot Rod

Titans Return comes out slow here at major retailers - especially now that the new movie stuff is coming out. It took 3 restock to put out all of wave 3 (and i'm still missing the legends class) but he finally turned up on the shelves to complete 3rd wave deluxes -Titan Returns Hot Rod.

Hot Rod's bot mode is...just okay, i suppose. The torso could use a bit more bulk, and the hips on mine are loose. But he's very poseable and looks good overall. His 'wings'/spoiler could use to sit higher too, since its a prominent feature of the design.

While the bot mode is kinda meh, fortunately the car mode is GREAT. Yet another rendition of a futuristic sports car, he's curvier than the Generations version and bulkier than the Animated version but now he has a working cockpit. If you're gonna ride, ride in style.

Even the back of the car is nicely detailed (although lacking paint apps) - i like how his knees are worked into, uh, exhaust vent thingies.

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