Monday, July 17, 2017

Titans Return Misfire and Twin Twist


Another G1 Targetmaster turned Headmaster, Misfire (along with Triggerhappy from the previous wave) is a member of the 4th generation of the original G1 seekers (Decepticon jets) and he really stands out. The alt mode is the most extra-terrestial looking amongst the 3 jets (Slugslinger soon to be released), the nosecone has catamaran-like twin pontoons and the wings are downswept - not as odd as Scourge's flying soap bar but certainly nicer looking.

And in case he's not unconventional enough Hasbro even gave the character a garish purplish pink color - fuschia? magenta? Whatever you want to call the color, he's faaaaabulooooous. Robot mode shares a number of parts with Triggerhappy but between the remold and striking colors he really feels like an entirely new toy.


Twin Twist finally gets a proper toy! A G1 Jumpstarter, he and his brother Topspin feature the pullback transforming gimmick early in the original line (the gimmick would appear again later with Decepticon Battle Chargers and Throttlebots). The character actually was done as a member of the Wrecker combiner group some time ago (repainted from FOC Combaticons) but this version is much more accurate to the G1 design.

At a glance he's kinda bland/generic looking but the robot mode is solid - literally. No hollow bits as the arms are telescopic and legs comprised of folded panels and he's huge for a deluxe. I don't really care for the drill tank mode but seeing how this figure is really well done makes me look forward to Topspin - who i've always preferred for his cruiser alt mode.

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